Well let's start from the beginning... I, Stephanie Bongert, have been in the beauty business for 20 years!!! Let's just say that I started when I was 10 years old. I worked in 2 other salons before opening Studio 136. The salon that I was renting a chair at was for sale and the owner had sold the building. (The building was way too big for what I wanted.) I had always had a dream of owning my own salon and this pushed me toward that dream!!! One day I was reading the Winneconne News ad sections and there it was....Commerical Building For Sale. I made an appointment to look at it with my parents and I was sold! Then came the not so fun stuff....REMODLEING, STATE ARCHIETICS, STATE APPROVED PLANS, and of course MONEY, LOTS OF MONEY!!!!! (The biggest Thank you goes out to my father, Bruce Noffke!!!! Without all his long hours of remodeling with no pay, Studio 136 would not exist! And also, to the rest of my family and friends that helped along the way....THANK YOU!!!) Finally, after all the blood sweat and tears....oh yes lots of tears.....on May 1st, 2008 Studio 136 was finally open!!!!

Where did the name Studio 136 come from you ask? Again, my brilliant father Bruce Noffke. Like naming a child, picking out a name for your business is just as hard! I had a contest among my family....whoever comes up with the name gets FREE haircuts for LIFE!!! Well this put everyone in a tizzy. Names were coming at my left and right. I wrote them down in a notebook but nothing was sticking. Nonchalantly, my dad says, "What your address?" And there, Studio 136 was named! (Bonus for me Bruce only gets 2 haircuts a year, tops!)

My passion and goal for Studio 136 has been and always will be....FAMILY! Yes, we make your hair look good and now can dress you in some pretty dapper clothes, but I want Studio 136 to feel like HOME! I want our clients to feel welcome to stop in just to say HI and know that we are always there for all your needs. After all, without our clients we would just be an empty building!

Studio 136 Boutique is my newest adventure! I have always had a passion for clothes...I can tell you what my mom dressed me in for the first day of 1st grade, what I wore in 8th when I got my wisdom teeth out, and the yellow polo that I wore to take my driving test! I have always LOVED clothes! And now I can share that love with all of you!!! At Studio 136 Boutique, you can shop both online and in person! We carry clothes sizes Small to 3XL cause every size girl deserves to look GREAT! Our styles are constantly changing so check back often!!!
"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." Diane von Furstenberg

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Stephanie Bongert

Stephanie Bongert


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Johnnia Schafer



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